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Raging Heroes - New Releases

Another new release from Raging Heroes...


Templar Mona de Costemore
Demon Slayer

" Through the black mist they ride. Knights templar arise."

Templar Sister Mona de Costermore is available in 2 versions, so you can choose either Sci-fi or Fantasy for your games! 
FYI: Shipping is FREE for orders over 60€ (about US$70 or 54£), and
you will get a FREE exclusive model for orders over 99€
Otherwise, shipping is 6.90€, or 11.90€ with tracking.

What are your plans? Please don't hesitate to share your photos of your painted minis and how you are planning to use them on the gaming table. The battle has begun:
Get the Sister Demon Slayer now!
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Mantic Games - Newsletter

A Mantic Games newsletter with a Star Saga theme...
Star Saga Week Round-Up
All this week, we've been delving into Star Saga, our new Sci-Fi Dungeon Crawler. Six elite mercenaries are tasked with infiltrating a high-security research complex and retrieving the dangerous intel held within - plus escape with their lives!

Filled with awesome pre-assembled miniatures, 3D scenery, exciting missions and hours of fun gameplay, you can find out everything you ever wanted to know about the game below.
Just what kind of individuals are hired by the nefarious Blaine for his missions? Read here to meet the mercenaries of the Eiras Contract, from the blade-wielding Judwan, Wrath, to the ex-GCPS captain, Erika Dulinsky.
Star Saga: The Eiras Contract - Available Now!
If you're eager to get a closer look at what's in the Core Game, fear not. Our very own Rob and Martin are on the case, giving Star Saga a thorough unboxing!
Star Saga can be played by up to five players at once, but one of the cool aspects of the rules is that you can also play them solo or cooperatively, without the Nexus Player. Check out this blog for more info on solo/co-op play!
Alternatively, if you want to play as the Nexus Player, you'll need every trick up your sleeve to use your minions and abilities to overwhelm the mercenaries. Fortunately, we've got you covered with some great gameplay tips for budding Nexus overlords.
As your mercenaries progress through campaigns, they'll earn experience for completing objectives and defeating enemies. This experience in turn unlocks powerful abilities that'll will make your strike team even more dangerous. You can find out more about experience here.
Star Saga: The Eiras Contract Available NOW!


The Star Saga: The Eiras Contract core set is available to buy now from the Mantic Webstore and all good hobby retailers. Order your copy now!

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Wizkids - Newsletter

The latest Icon of the Realms release from Wizkids and other news...



This week marked the release of D&D Icons of the Realms: Classic Creatures Box Set, featuring nine reimagined iconic monsters from the first Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual!

Pick up this set for yourself and a friend!

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Expand your Star Trek: Attack Wing game with the all-new Romulan and Dominion Faction Packs, available now!



New Asgardians, new villains, new weapons and new ways to play will have fans crossing the Bifrost to pick up their copy of Marvel Dice Masters: The Mighty Thor! Now featuring Draft Packs!

Draft Packs contain cards and dice that can be added to your collection as normal but are ALSO optimized for draft!

Pre-order today!


Favelas is now available in Friendly Local Game Stores starting this week!

Pick up your copy today!



Cast spells and compete against other wizards in an epic race for loot! Rock Paper Wizard is an exciting party game for 3-6 players!  Pick it up for family and friends to play this holiday season!

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Wyrd Games - Friday Preview

A Wyrd Games Friday 'The Other Side' preview...
Happy Friday Wyrdos!  I'm not really sure how they snuck in here, but this week's Friday Preview is of the Infiltrators!  Let's take a quick look, before they sneak off again.  
Every nation on Earth makes use of diplomats and spies, but few do it as well as the King’s Empire. The Infiltrators are the Empire's light combat stealth unit, trained in part by his Majesty’s spies and in part by the military. This grants them a tactical flexibility on the battlefield that many military forces lack.

Armed with simple pistols, mines, and camouflage, the Infiltrators do not shy away from any conflict. While they excel at distracting the enemy and controlling the battlefield, they are just as capable of charging into the heart of battle, guns blazing, to accomplish their objectives.

On the tabletop, Infiltrators can deploy ahead of the rest of the Company, giving them the ability to quickly claim objectives. Though their weapons are not potent, their Confuse and Place Mines Actions can keep the battlefield changing in unpredictable ways.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome

Warlord Games - Friday Newsletter

Warlord Games end of week release and feature round-up...
Warlord Games Friday Newsletter 15 December 2017.
Army Box Deal Banner
Welcome to the Warlord Friday New Releases news. Begin your Operation Sea Lion campaign for Bolt Action with the new Women's Institute and Bankers, Build a new Russian battlefield from Sarissa Precision, and ride into combat with the winter themed StuG riders!
We also have news about Warlord's recruitment drive and a special pre-order for the new year!
Latest Releases Button

German Begleit Stug riders!

New Bolt Action German Stug Riders bundle
German Stug Assault (Winter):
Want a great starting gift or expansion to an existing force? Then the Assault set is a perfect way to achieve your needs...
New Bolt Action German Stug Riders bundle 2
German Stug riders on StuG III G (Winter):
The all in one choice to expand your winter force...
German Heer Begleit Stug riders (Winter)
German Heer Begleit Stug riders (Winter):
Protect your Stug as it advances on your enemies...

Build Your Battlefield!

Sarissa Precision Russian Village Bundle
Russian Village Buildings:
The Russian Village, from Sarissa Precision, will add a new dimension to any Polish or Russian battlefield for Black Powder or Bolt Action!
Sarissa Precision Russian Church
Sarissa Precision Russian Barn
Sarissa Precision Russian House 2
Sarissa Precision Russian 1

Last moment gift ideas?

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New Army for the New Year?

Hurry... Offer Must End Soon!
A great way to begin a new game system or start a new army!
Bolt Action British Army Box Deal
British Starter Army
Black Powder Napoleonic Russia Box DEal
Black Powder Russian Starter Army
Hail Caesar Caesarian Roman Starter Army Box Deal
Hail Caesar Imperial Roman Starter Army
Bolt Action Japanese starter army Box Deal
Imperial Japanese Starter Army
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New: Operation Sea Lion Troops!

New Bolt Action Opertation Sea Lion Footsore Miniatures Bank Manager
New Bolt Action Opertation Sea Lion Footsore Miniatures Bank Section
City Banker Section:
Patrolling the city, these Bankers are ready to defend their town, loved ones, and the money with undying determination!
New Bolt Action Opertation Sea Lion Footsore Miniatures Women's Institute
New Bolt Action Opertation Sea Lion Footsore Miniatures Allotment Holders
The Women's Institute & Allotment Holders:
With their families fighting, England’s women and retirees have decided enough is enough and prepare to combat the Axis forces themselves.
New Bolt Action Opertation Sea Lion Footsore Miniatures Militia Characters
New Bolt Action Opertation Sea Lion Footsore Miniatures Militia
Militia & Militia Characters:
The civilian force has taken up arms to help their boys fight back against the German menace!
Sea Lion and Gigant
Find all the Bolt Action rules you need to re-create the invasion of Britain in these two gloriously entertaining and flavoursome books:
Bolt Action Book Expansion Campaign Sea Lion
Bolt Action Book Expansion Campaign Gigant

New Reading Material!

New Wargames Illustrated WI362 December Edition
WI362 December Edition:
Packed with content, this months edition of Wargames Illustrated includes: what's new and upcoming in the gaming world, an in-depth look at machine guns during WW1, how to paint rusted armour and much more!
New Wargames Illustrated WI363 January Edition
WI363 January Edition:
Next month's edition of Wargames Illustrated includes: what's new and upcoming in the gaming world, how to construct a small boat, a look through an awesome WW1 diorama and more!
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The Samurai join Pike and Shotte early 2018

New Pike & Shotte Samurai Starter Army
Pike & Shotte Samurai Starter Army:
Between 1467 and 1603, with the Emperor and the Shogun unable to control the many daimyos, there was near constant fighting between the various factions. With this new plastic Pike & Shotte army, you'll be able to recreate the many battles as your clan vies for dominance...

Warlord Recruitment!

UK and European Events:
Want to journey across the UK and Europe attending retail events, trade shows, hobby and demonstration events?
Key Time Shop Staff:
Do you want to help operate the Nottingham HQ store at peak times? Run gaming and hobby activities, and assist with events?

Coming 2018!

Coming Soon - New Roman Invasion of Britain Box Lid
If you'd like to contribute an article or promote an event, please get in touch at
All Warlord Games products are available from our online store or by calling +44 (0)115 978 4495. Our products ship worldwide.

Alternatively you can be all retro and actually write to us at:

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