Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Wyrd Games - Black Friday Newsletter

Your chance to get your hands on all those limited edition Wyrd Games miniatures you've been missing...


It's time for all the glorious details on our Black Friday, Thanksgiving, birthday (and so much more) sale! I won't belabor the newsletter with all sorts of extraneous information, so I'll just get right into the offerings.
Special Releases
Some quantities are limited and may come without a box.
WYR21001 LNELTD | Herald of Obliteration (Tara) Nightmare80.00
WYR21002 LELTD | Miss Step25.00
WYR21004 LELTD | Alternate Perdita25.00
WYR21005 LELTD | No Shelter Here (Pandora) Dayglow Lime50.00
WYR21006 LELTD | Herald of Obliteration (Tara) Translucent Smoke85.00
WYR21007 LELTD | Children of December (Rasputina) Translucent Blue50.00
WYR21008 LELTD | No Shelter Here (Pandora) Translucent Lime50.00
WYR21010 LELTD | Miss Terious35.00
WYR21012 LELTD | War Wabbit35.00
WYR21013 LELTD | Johana25.00
WYR21015 LNELTD | Whiskey Golem Nightmare60.00
WYR21017 LELTD | Bete Noire Translucent Red25.00
WYR21018 LELTD | Francisco Ortega25.00
WYR21019 LELTD | Gremlin25.00
WYR21020 LELTD | Mindless Zombies Translucent Emerald35.00
WYR21021 LELTD | Performer25.00
WYR21022 LELTD | Miss Ery - Bad Teddy25.00
WYR21023 LNELTD | Nightmare Hanging Tree70.00
WYR21024 LELTD | Katanaka Sniper Alternate25.00
WYR21025 LELTD | Vengeful Spirits (Kirai) Translucent Lime55.00
WYR21026 LELTD | Vengeful Spirits (Kirai) Dayglow Lime55.00
WYR21027 LELTD | Hide and Seek (Dreamer) Translucent Pink60.00
WYR21028 LELTD | Hide and Seek (Dreamer) Dayglow Pink60.00
WYR21029 LNELTD | Whiskey Golem Nightmare Translucent Root Beer70.00
WYR21030 LELTD | Kaeris25.00
WYR21031 LELTD | Miss Anne Thrope25.00
WYR21032 LNELTD | Dark Carnival (Colette) Nightmare90.00
WYR21037 LELTD | Witchling Handler18.00
WYR21038 LELTD | Barbaros25.00
WYR21039 LNELTD | Coryphee Nightmare35.00
WYR21040 LELTD | Dr. Dufresne Alternate McMourning25.00
WYR21041 LELTD | Firestarter25.00
WYR21044 LELTD | Burning Revelation (Kaeris) Translucent Orange50.00
WYR21045 LELTD | Dark Debts (Jacob Lynch) Translucent Purple45.00
WYR21046 LELTD | Burning Revelation (Kaeris) Dayglow Orange50.00
WYR21047 LELTD | Dark Debts (Jacob Lynch) Dayglow Purple45.00
WYR21048 LNELTD | Dark Carnival Crew (Colette) Nightmare Translucent Red95.00
WYR21050 LELTD | The Plague Cometh (Hamelin) Translucent50.00
WYR21051 LELTD | Miss Fire25.00
WYR21054 LNELTD | Relic Hunters (Lucas McCabe) Wild Ones Nightmare95.00
WYR21055 LELTD | Guilty As Charged (Jack Daw) Translucent55.00
WYR21056 LELTD | Coryphee Duet Translucent Red35.00
WYR21058 LNELTD | Relic Hunters (Lucas McCabe) Wild Ones Nightmare Translucent100.00
WYR21059 LELTD | Bishop Alternate25.00
WYR21060 LELTD | Guard Sergeant25.00
WYR21061LTD | Dr. Alexei Sokolov Alternate Joss35.00
WYR21062 LELTD | Rafkin Alternate25.00
WYR21063 LELTD | Alt Titania25.00
WYR21064 LELTD | Victorian Lady25.00
WYR21065 LELTD | Nicodem Alternate25.00
WYR21067 LELTD |  Miss Deed25.00
WYR21071 LNECREW | Curiosity Killed the Cat (Hamelin) Nightmare90.00
WYR21079LTD | Winter Wonderland75.00
WYR21073Nightmare - Cat Princess25.00
WYR21074Nightmare - Cat Herders30.00
WYR21075CREW | Curiosity Killed the Cat (Hamelin) Nightmare Translucent Green95.00
WYR21076Nightmare - Cat Princess Translucent Green27.50
WYR21077Nightmare - Cat Herders Translucent Green32.50
WYR21072Teddy Translucent Purple30.00
The Cat Herders box includes:
  • 2x Cat Herders (Rat Catchers)
The Cat Princess box includes:
  • 4x Cats (Malifaux Rats)
  • Cat Princess (Rat King)
The alt Rasputina box includes:
  • Rasputina
  • Snow Storm (the Krampus)
  • 3x Ice Gamin (the Snowmen)
  • Wendigo (the Presents)
In addition to all the special figures being available, we'll also be giving away one free Vintage Master (of your choice) with every $100 you spend during the sale! Just list which of the Vintage options you want in the comments of your order to get them.

The $100 is counted before taxes, shipping, etc. If you fail to list your Vintage choice(s), you will receive random Vintage model(s). We will not be making any changes to orders after they've been placed. If you list more models than you qualify for, we will make the determination about which to send.
That's it for the special releases! Everything else is the normal stuff, which you can also get on our webstore during the sale. The sale is only a few days away, so keep a watch out and get your heart's desire while the getting is good!

Due to the number of orders we receive during this sale, please allow extra time for shipping.

Have a great day!
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Our mailing address is:
Wyrd Miniatures, LLC.
2197 CANTON RD STE 108

Raging Heroes - Newsletter

A special deal from Raging Heroes...

This week only: Mantis Warriors Deal
The more you get, the less you pay


Cover your battlefield and overrun the enemy with the evilly beautiful Mantis Warriors! 10 different sleek and nimble multi-part models, designed for mix-and-match for infinite customisation and variety on the table: http://bit.ly/DofWeek.
Mantis Invasion - Deal of the Week (From Nov. 18 2017)
Watch the Video
  • All parts are swappable with ball-joint assembly for infinite customisation.
  • They are in resin and will fit both Sci-Fi and Fantasy settings.
  • Scale is 30mm Heroic scale; they will fit all popular miniature wargames.
  • Boxes includes 5 x 25mm round bases.
So don't miss this week special deal:
the more boxes you get, the less you pay!
FYI: Shipping is FREE for orders over 60€ (about US$70 or 54£).
Otherwise, shipping is 6.90€, or 11.90€ with tracking.
Stock up some Mantis Warriors now!

You are receiving this email because you either signed up for our newsletter or accepted marketing when making a purchase on our website (www.ragingheroes.com).

Our mailing address is:
MFBG Productions SARL
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Paris 75017

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Black Library - Newsletter

A new Horus Heresy story courtesy of Nick Kyme and the Black Library...
A Horus Heresy tale for Digital MondayView in web browser
Coming Soon
New Titles
Immortal Duty
Immortal Duty
Nick Kyme
An Iron Hands legionary faces censure for his actions in the Battle of Isstvan V – but what really happened, and how will it affect his fate?

It's an untold tale of the void war around Isstvan, and the desperate efforts of the Iron Hands to break Horus' blockade of the planet. But it's also an elegiac look at what happened after, and at the birth of the Shattered Legions.

First time as a stand-alone eBook
Download Now
Black Library
Calendar 2018
Mark the passing of the months next year with 12 fantastic, action-packed images from Black Library covers.

It's the perfect place for your friends to mark the new releases they absolutely don't want to miss, or to keep track of the books they've read.

Only from blacklibrary.com.
Order Now
Fulgrim the Palatine Phoenix
Josh Reynolds
The Emperor's Children primarch sets out to conquer a world with just seven warriors by his side…

This limited edition is a deluxe artefact in a magnetic box – the perfect gift for the Fulgrim fan in your life.

Fewer than 750 copies left
Order Now
A Reading from The Warmaster by Dan Abnett
Watch Now

Monday, 20 November 2017

Wyrd Games - Monday Preview

Another new pursuit from Wyrd Games upcoming supplement to their Through the Breach RPG...
Hey everyone! Today we're taking a look at another Pursuit from the upcoming Through the Breach supplement, Above the Law.  The Guild has lots of red tape and politics, but sometimes it needs raw firepower.  For that purpose, the Gunner Pursuit is just what they need.  
Gunners are a combat Pursuit that focuses on the use of chain guns, cannons, ribauldequins, and other heavy guns. As one might expect, the Gunners can crank up the number of attacks produced by automatic weapons, but many of their Talents are actually somewhat defensive: the Behind the Gun Talent grants the Gunner the equivalent of Heavy Armor whenever she's wielding a Heavy Gun weapon, for instance.

Most of the time, the easiest way to deal with ranged weapons is to close to melee range in order to shut down melee attacks and force the opponent to waste valuable time swapping to a melee weapon. Gunners, however, begin with the Heavy Weaponry Talent, which allows them to wield their Heavy Gun weapons as if they were Heavy Melee weapons. Why go through the hassle of swapping to a melee weapon when you can just hit the opponent with the heavy chunk of metal you're already holding?

The rest of the Gunner Pursuit is essentially a collection of useful abilities that are applicable to both rapid-fire Gatling weapons and heavy cannons in even measure. Annoyed that you can't just pick up a cannon and carry it around with you? The Walking Artillery Talent will let you stride into combat with that cannon barrel slung under your arm without need for a weapon brace. Want to charge into combat while firing a Gatling gun at full speed? The Fusillade Advance Talent lets you declare ranged attacks with the Charge Action. Swarmed by a horde of baddies? Use Mow Down to take a shot at every enemy in range.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Black Library - Newsletter

New from the Black Library...
View in web browser
Coming Soon
New Titles
Devastation of Baal
The Devastation of Baal
Guy Haley
A Space Marine Conquests novel

Baal is besieged! The alien horror of Hive Fleet Leviathan has reached the Blood Angels home world, and their entire existence is under threat. As the sons of Sanguinius gather, the battle for the fate of their bloodline begins…

It's one of the key events in the build-up to the new Warhammer 40,000 background (and it's been years in the making!) and it's an epic tale of triumph and tragedy, heroism and sacrifice, setting the scene for the future of the Blood Angels – if they have one.

eBook | Paperback
Order Now
Deathwatch Omnibus
Deathwatch: The Omnibus
The elite alien-hunting Deathwatch spring into action in three novels and a dozen short stories, collected together in a massive omnibus full of xenos killing!

It's a comprehensive collection of the very best Deathwatch stories, including novels by Steve Parker, Justin D Hill and Ian St Martin and a whole host of short stories.

eBook | Paperback
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Shield of Baal
Shield of Baal
See the events that led to the Devastation of Baal in a collection of a novel and two novellas, showing the tyranid invasion of the Cryptus Shield Worlds from three different perspectives – the Astra Militarum, the Blood Angels and the alien necrons!
eBook | Paperback
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Deathwatch: Ignition
Read eleven iconic stories of the heroes from the Deathwatch: Overkill boxed game, showcasing the very best in alien-hunting action from nine different Black Library authors – including a tale of none other than Chaplain Cassius himself!

eBook | Paperback
Order Now
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